USA 2015: Day 2: Sunday, 6th.

Day 2: Sunday, 6th.

Woke up in the morning to a slow drizzle. Packed up and went back no the road to Dillon, Montana. Picked a different road because didn’t feel like driving on a mountain trail early in the morning. Beginning was extremely muddy, “Russian” kind of muddy. Fueled up at Browning and the road became much better

Filled up food stock at Walmart in Helena. Tried getting a local SIM card but they didn’t have AT&T SIMs in stock. Instead they had a $10 phone and $30 prepaid cards for it. They only had CDMA (meaning no SIM card), and 4G LTE (which my old Motorola Razr V doesn’t support). Only AT&T works with GSM here. And here I thought Canada was lagging behind European technological progress… Activated the Roaming 1GB data pass today.
Lunch was at around 4pm with extremely tasty local fresh garlic herb bread. Nearly fell asleep at the wheel: drifted into another lane and woke up suddenly. Switched drivers immediately. Most of today Svetlana was driving.

Discovered free camping at Clark Canyon reservoir using This site proved to be a life saver, and we used it throughout the entire journey. It ran slowly on my phone, and it required extremely accurate gestures, but it worked nonetheless.

Hills and prairies. No forest here, so picked up some sandy drift wood. The lake is rather dry.
Meat burgers and boiled-fried potatoes for supper. Delicious.
Lots of field mice in the bush where I pitched tent. I was sure to close the zip real tight. They move around in the dry grass imitating some larger wild animals.


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